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The Mercy Corps is the leading global organization based on the belief that a better world is possible. In times of disaster, in difficult conditions, in more than 40 countries around the world, we are working in partnership to implement bold decisions that help people overcome difficulties and strengthen communities. inside. Now for the future. In Nigeria, the Mercy Corps has been working since 2012, focusing on the empowerment of adolescents, economic development, conflict mitigation and humanitarian response.

We hire to fill the position below:
Position: Communications and Security Officer
Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Program / department summary

• Mercy Corps Nigeria implements many programs with the ultimate goal of creating productive, safe and equitable communities. The organization’s programs are being implemented in twelve states, mainly in northwestern and northeastern Nigeria and Lagos.
• Our work covers the following sectors: economic development, livelihoods / food security, empowering girls’ girls and boys, financial sustainability, conflict mitigation and humanitarian assistance. Common themes include community participation, inclusive development, gender and cooperation in partnership with local authorities, the private sector and civil society actors
General summary of the resume
• Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Liaison Officer will be responsible for the policy analysis and strategic planning support required by the team in the geographic area where the operations are located.
• The liaison officer is responsible for supporting overall strategic planning through the GTS in the field and, if necessary, will provide regular reports, reference materials, key messages or documents with positions. When joint messages on behalf of EMS are unproductive or impossible, the incumbent will strive to facilitate and support joint work through “voluntary coalitions”.
• The post-employee will also be responsible for raising awareness and coordinating with local NGO networks to support coordinated work in relevant geographic areas.
Main functions of work
• In cooperation with interested internal coordinators, monitor the security situation in the specified geographic area, with special focus on program areas. This work will include, but is not limited to, informing every day (through the media, social networks, contacts, etc.) about security and protection in the south of Borno.
• Check the information received from the secondary sources.
• Maintain regular contact with field personnel in a security situation in the relevant geographic area.
• In addition to the relevant operational coordinators, make sure that the relevant staff understands and can use this equipment, including radios, satellite phones, fire extinguishers, etc., through regular training and guidance for new employees.
• In cooperation with relevant operational coordinators, conduct a comprehensive safety / risk assessment of potential new sites / sites in South Born and its field offices.
• Work with relevant program and operations managers, as well as with the team leader on community acceptance messages and other operational strategies for activities in South Born.
• Provide the required periodic security updates (daily reports, incident reports, meeting summaries, etc.) to the appropriate CMN staff for better planning their work.
• Review of weekly / daily field visits to field staff and provision of guidance in real time and in real time for ongoing program and operational activities in the field.
• Track vehicle movements where necessary, until personnel / contractors are safely at their final destination.
• Carry out a preliminary analysis of the relevant security events and inform them of the senior MC team
• Be always available to the Chief of Operations, the team leader and field staff to advise on security development.

Director for Monitoring and Evaluation – OVC for the Rescue of Children

Liaison activities:
• Be aware of political developments and humanitarian trends in Nigeria, focusing on the humanitarian crisis in the northeast, informing team members, if necessary.
• Develop a calendar of upcoming lobbying opportunities.
• liaise with officials of relevant international coordination structures
• Participate in working groups on peacebuilding and countermeasures, calling for meetings, writing action-oriented notes, supporting the supply of speakers and developing an agenda for meetings.
• Ensure cooperation with the Working Group on Humanitarian Affairs, under the chairmanship of OCHA.
• Provide sufficient capacity and knowledge to support policy analysis and strategic planning around the humanitarian architecture and operational issues.
• Collaborate with Operations Manager and Team Leader to act as an official representative at meetings with external participation sites.
• Identify and keep in touch with external partners;
Reporting requirements
• Daily risk rating by location
• Monthly “Go / No-Go” for main roads and areas
• Incident reports and incident logs – always up-to-date
• Advising and preparing documented SOPs for travel to all areas, including roads, roads, weather, stops, logs and turnover times.
• Maintain regular contacts with field staff in a security environment in their respective areas.
• Requesting and viewing weekly / daily field trips and providing immediate advice in cases where personnel plan to travel to the danger zone. Maintain a board of all staff movements.
• Carry out safety and road checks every day and before any traffic. I recommend permission to travel.
• Conduct analysis after the incident for senior management.
• Risk assessment – Minimum minimum
• Flash Reports – immediate distribution of critical incidents in our area of ​​work
• A weekly security record should be provided by all relevant personnel, including the director for the northeast, the operations manager, operational managers, program managers and the safety management team.
• Operational safety
• Assess the safety of CMN sites and identify security zones, checkpoints and other key factors critical to our security operations and NE emergency plans. It conducts an integrated risk assessment process, which includes mitigation measures and strategies.
• Assistance in preparing field visits.
Financial and compliance management:
• Ensure normative acts of donors and charity bodies for emergency programming.
• Ensure compliance with all financial regulations of the Mercy Corps in the conduct of activities as a Driver
Influence and presentation:
• Identify, build and manage partnerships with partners from the consortium, implementing agencies, donors, local authorities and other stakeholders.
• Communicate effectively to ensure that the overall objectives of the project and donor commitments are met.
Responsibility to beneficiaries:
• Mercy Corps team members should support all efforts to ensure accountability, especially with regard to our beneficiaries and international standards governing international assistance and development, while the active participation of beneficiary communities as equal partners in the development, monitoring and evaluation of our field projects.

• Reports directly: Operations Manager
• Works directly with: program commands, field security management team, operations personnel

Knowledge and experience
• Higher education in the relevant field
• Relevant work experience in policy analysis, impact, strategic planning, communication, research, media, data collection and / or information management
• Demonstrated the ability to develop and implement strategies with clear theories of change
• Excellent writing, editing and analysis skills and the ability to formulate well-oriented strategic documents
• Effective coordination, organization and prioritization, as well as Microsoft Office applications.
• Attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, deadlines and teamwork with team members.
• Experience living and working in Nigeria, and experience in the Northeast is preferable.
• It is very desirable to get acquainted with the systems and procedures of the Mercy Corps.
• Knowledge of English is required; excellent written and oral skills.
• Ability to speak House or Kanuri and in any other local language of the Northeast (preferably, but not necessary)
• Ability to work independently in a dynamic and often required environment
• Requires fluency in English, with demonstrated writing skills
• Computer literacy using Microsoft Office and e-mail / Internet.
• Proven understanding of complex emergencies, related safety issues and appropriate responses to these emergencies. Good context analysis skills.
• Excellent negotiation and presentation skills and the ability to work comfortably with ethnically diverse personnel in a very sensitive environment.
Factors of success
• Ability to communicate and network activities, be critical, be aware of security situations in unstable terrain, develop effective methods, comply with the Mercy Corps and lenders. relations with other departments.
• A successful candidate will be able to effectively interact with national and international staff and demonstrate their ability to perform several tasks, meet deadlines and provide appropriate advice and support in tough security conditions.
• The candidate will also demonstrate high professionalism and will be able to live and work in close contact with a diverse team of people in a very tense atmosphere.
• Mercy Corps team members represent the agency during and after working time when deployed in the field or during a TDY / visit field job. Team members should behave professionally and respect local laws, customs and policies, procedures and values of the Mercy Corps at all times and in all places in the country.
How to register
Interested and qualified candidates must submit their CV and cover letter in one document that meets the requirements of the position to:
Print the application in a sealed envelope with the inscription boldly written on:
Mercy Corps Nigeria,
No.6 Extension 111 Gambole Road,
In front of the school building, Old GRA,
The state of Borno.
• All requests must include the title of the task in the subject line and should not exceed 4 pages.
• Please note that only short-listed candidates will contact the interlocutor, and that we are an equal opportunity organization, it is strongly recommended that women apply for this position.
The deadline for registration is January 30, 2018.

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