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Ruhe Global Resources (RGR) is an educational counseling center that provides foreign educational and visa counseling for Nigerian students who intend to study in one of the institutions abroad. We are proud partners of several institutions.
We have access to British, American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern universities and colleges. Therefore, we provide detailed, up-to-date and up-to-date educational recommendations, visa support, registration and preparation for international examinations for international students applying various schools abroad.
We hire to fill the following items:

Position: Teacher of English
Location: Abuja, Enugu, Edo, Rivers, Lagos
Description of work
• We are looking for experienced and competent English teachers to teach students of different age groups in our center.
• Prepare and give lessons to students on complex topics with the subject
• Set up meetings with students or their parents.
• Study or recommend textbooks, software, equipment or other training materials to complete the training.
• Prepare and simplify training practices, joint projects or academic support sessions for small groups of students.
• Participate in training and development classes to improve learning practices or learn new teaching methods.
• Organize the learning environment to improve productivity and learning.
• Monitor the progress of students or help students in the academic environment, for example, in classrooms, laboratories or computer centers.
• Review course materials with students, discussing the text, working on problem solutions, or reviewing worksheets or other tasks.
• Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate or strengthen student confidence.
• Evaluate and evaluate class work, homework and student work.
• Prepare training materials, such as curricula, homework assignments and lectures.
• Initiate, facilitate and mitigate class discussions.
• Maintenance of student attendance records, notes and other necessary documents.
• Plan, evaluate and revise curricula, course content, course materials and teaching methods. ,
• Prepare lesson plans or training modules for training sessions based on students’ needs and goals.
• Keep records of assessment results, progress, feedback or academic achievement of students, ensuring the confidentiality of all records.
• Identify, develop or implement intervention strategies, training plans or individual education plans (IEPs) for students.
• Development of educational or training materials, such as handouts, training materials or questionnaires.
• Inform students about admissions, students, parents or teachers in written reports on the work done personally, by phone or by e-mail.
• Work with students, parents, teachers, school administrators or consultants to determine the needs of students, develop learning plans or assess student performance.
• Assess the progress of students at all stages of training.
• Administration, monitoring or registration of academic or diagnostic assessments.
• Teach students about the methods of teaching, taking notes and passing the exam.
• Provide private education to individuals or small groups of students to improve academic performance, improve professional skills or prepare for academic or professional tests.

• Bachelor of Education in English.
• Good customer service skills
• Mastery of using the computer and the Internet (preferably).
• Must have strong communication skills
• Must have leadership skills
• Must have the teaching skills
• Must be presentable
• Knowledge and ability to teach Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE and SAT programs, IELTS, TOFEL, GMAT and PTE are an added advantage.
• Training will be conducted in physical places.
• This role requires strong marketing skills
You will become a probationary period of 3 to 6 months with a salary of 30,000NGN. After the trial period, your salary can be increased from 40,000 to 50,000 IUU, depending on the contribution and productivity. Within this role, learning and development opportunities will be available, as well as incentives to increase efficiency.
Position: Marketing Manager in Social Networks and Student Enrollment
Location: Abuja
Department: Marketing / Communication
• Work with the Director General to evaluate and successfully develop new activities on all possible platforms while strengthening existing ones.
• Facilitate the coordination of online marketing activities across all social networking platforms and the RGR website; systematically generate online traffic for RRP offices in the region; generate and monitor MOU partners and ensure a steady flow of students from these partners; Be fully involved in digital campaigns and effectively increase brand awareness online and online.
• Achieve a fixed monthly income and a registration target.
• Responsible for ensuring that the goal of a monthly registration at the branch is achieved.
Main working relations:
• Customer Service Agent, Business Development Officers, Managers and Managers for Recruitment, Branch Manager, Conversion Manager / Manager, Event Manager, Marketing / Brand Manager, Human Resources Manager, CEO.
• The incumbent will report to the Director-General and will work closely with all staff based in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Benin; This position will focus on the recruitment of all RGR programs and partner university programs and will sell the RGR brand in Nigeria through all channels of marketing communications.

Description of work
• Proactive management of the RGR site and the media.
• Meeting with potential candidates to advise and guide their registration for one of the RGR services.
• Participation in exhibitions on personnel selection, presentation of WGR at exhibition stands.
• Conversion of current candidates by phone and face-to-face.
• Regular visits to cities outside Abuja. Participation in seminars on admission to schools, hotels and other places.
• Contribution to the marketing strategy of RGR and the organization of marketing and promotional activities in Nigeria.
• Providing expert advice and advice to all Nigerian RGR applicants with a request for a visa.
• Expert input and recommendations on the RGR strategy in Nigeria.
• Travel to cities outside of Abuja to participate in recruitment or training activities, including abroad.
• Sell mostly programs and represent the interests of partners and RGR in Nigeria.
• Ensure a permanent client march in the RGR office.
• Assistance in the development of new strategic recruitment activities through the collection of market information.
• Achieving agreed goals for each admission
• Provide the Corporation with timely and accurate information about the recruitment activities.
• Contact the new institutions in Nigeria and follow them to have a signed Memorandum of Understanding to send students to the WGR.
• Build and promote RGR institutions to future students.
• Support the full renewal of RGR partner organizations in relation to courses, materials and procedures.
• Launch necessary virtual and real-time marketing strategies / campaigns using different social networking platforms, depending on the situation.
• Any other related tasks that can be assigned

Social media and communications:
• Helps actively monitor and analyze all social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).
• Respond to a high level of activity on social networking sites with appropriate answers based on company policy
• Sometimes making outgoing calls to track customer requests
• Effectively uses the provided tools and analytical skills to determine the next action plan
• Monitor and monitor negative positions and respond appropriately
• Assess customer problems and provide correct information to solve the problem
• Maintain a sense of urgency and a balanced attitude when taking action in response
• Continue to receive information on the latest trends in the industry, tools and best practices
• Eliminates urgent issues of concern to the social network observer, as appropriate
Manage marketing campaigns on social networks and daily activities, including:
• Develop relevant content themes to reach the target customers of the company.
• Create, organize and manage all published content (images, videos and works).
• Monitoring, listening and responding to users in a “social” way while growing prospects and sales.
• Conduct online propaganda and open a feed for cross-promotion.
• Develop and expand the outreach efforts of the community and / or influential people.
• Control the design (for example, Facebook framework, profile photo, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, blog, etc.).
• Development, creation and management of advertising campaigns and social advertising campaigns.
• Manage online notifications and reputation building efforts.
• Monitoring of online reviews and responses to each review.
• Analyze key indicators and, if necessary, adjust the strategy.
• Compile the reports for management, showing the results.
• Become a corporate lawyer in social networks, start a dialogue and answer questions as needed.
• Demonstrate the ability to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Create proven strategies with tests and statistics.
• Develop organizational elements for the introduction of a proactive process to receive online feedback from satisfied and loyal customers.
• Monitoring trends in tools, applications, channels, design and strategy in social networks.
• Continuing education to remain highly effective.
• Identify threats and opportunities in user content around the enterprise. Report significant threats to good governance.
• Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for viewing social networks, content marketing, SEO and social advertising campaigns.
• Monitoring effective benchmarks (best practices) to measure the impact of campaigns on social networks. Analyze, review and report on campaign performance to maximize results.
Customer service:
• Respond quickly to customer problems through social networks
• Help customers through Face to Face, email and both on the phone and on social networking platforms.
• Listen to client requests patiently to solve problems
• Maintaining records of customer interactions and transactions, recording information about requests, complaints and comments, as well as the actions taken and the resolution of requests to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Daily update / support the newspaper in social networks
• Ensure that appropriate changes have been made to resolve customer problems
• The ability to maintain knowledge of the product and help educate the client

• Development and implementation of business development and marketing strategies.
• Help coordinate actions to influence the strategies developed.
• Assistance in conducting marketing campaigns.
• Promote the development and planning of all branding and marketing activities.
• Identify opportunities, develop plans and create business alliances that will strengthen the RGR brand.
• Conduct outreach and create new directions in the formal and informal sectors of key cities where the PPP Bureau does not currently exist.
• Provide presentations to leading employers, parents and students in highly regarded secondary schools and generate traffic / records / registration, ensuring student registration.
• Create the necessary noise in higher education institutions, thereby increasing institutional capacity.
Experience and qualifications
Key skills and experience:
• Evidence of work in the target environment
• Very strong customer service skills.
• Satisfaction of sales and professional goals
• Knowledge of social networks, all platforms
• Computer skills using knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Outlook)
• Excellent communication skills: written and oral
• Ability to work with large amounts of data and several tasks in a rapidly changing environment
• Have patience when dealing with a client
• Ability to remain calm with an angry client
• Good listening skills, since most of the time, communication with customers is carried out by phone or face to face.
• Experience and ability to provide market information to guide recruitment activities
• Knowledge and experience of visa counseling for visa applicants
• Competence in the field of exploration, sales planning, customer sales, closing skills, market knowledge, presentation skills, high and sustainable energy levels
• Experience in writing reports and statistical analysis
• Excellent customer service skills, experience in the role of the client
• takes initiatives and works independently / in a team, as appropriate
• Very organized, can simultaneously perform several different tasks
• Can work under pressure as needed
• Excellent communication skills, can establish positive relationships with people of different age and level of authority
• Can influence and convince at all levels
• Culturally sensitive and committed to equal opportunities. Commitment to the WGR values ​​of equality and diversity.
• Ability and desire to travel to Nigeria, including.
• Excellent customer service and sales skills
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Evidence of success in building and maintaining relationships with customers, which leads to increased sales
• Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
• Knowledge of organizational, planning and time skills.
• The self-starter is highly motivated with a high level of energy and motivation.
• Ability to work on their own initiative and in a team.
Desirable skills and experience:
• Significant experience related to the international sector of higher education
• Knowledge of international educational qualifications and equivalents in Nigeria
• Marketing knowledge for the international higher education sector in Nigeria
• Knowledge and experience of visa counseling for visa applicants
• Knowledge of international higher education and experience in international education – preferably
• Work experience in the education market
• Knowledge of the foreign research market
Education and experience:
• Higher education – essential, degree in marketing, communication and graphic design – an additional bonus
• 1-year experience in the relevant position
• Strong customer service experience
• Marketing experience in a similar role
• Significant experience in working with a face-to-face
• You will be transferred for a trial period of 3 to 6 months with a salary of 40,000 NGN.
• After the trial period, your salary can be increased to 50,000 and 100,000 NGN depending on costs and productivity.
• Learning and development opportunities and incentives for effectiveness will be available through this role.
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CVs with a written cover letter as an e-mail highlighting the skills and experience that make them suitable for this role:, using the role and place, for example, “The Place of the English Teacher” , the subject of the message.
In our office at:
No. 16 Gwani Street,
Wuse Zone 4,
Outside the IBB way,
Close to Kings Hospital,
Note. All candidates included in the list of candidates will be sent for an interview.
The registration deadline is February 10, 2018.

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